Our Principles

International Commercial offers a number of exciting opportunities for motivated and experienced people, looking to establish and cement their careers in a fast-moving multinational work environment. International Commercial is an equal opportunity employer and encourages competent and capable individuals from all backgrounds to experience the benefits of being a brand ambassador for the International Commercial family.

Our success has been driven by our human capital, made up of a dedicated multi-cultural workforce. We are committed to diversity in the work place by identifying and recruiting local talent, while we also encourage open communication and idea-sharing. At International Commercial, togetherness extends beyond the simple realm of customer support or the mutual respect between peers, togetherness is about the belief and outlook of International Commercial family members towards working together to preserve and develop our environment, our community and our organization.


International Commercial’s principles encapsulate the following unwavering values and beliefs:

Our Customers Come First

At International Commercial, customers are always at the center of our attention. International Commercial is a customer-centric organization that focuses on providing customers with high value and quality products . Together We Drive the Organization: International Commercial’s success is driven by our human capital made up of a multicultural and dedicated workforce. At ICPL, we nurture a culture of teamwork whereby all personnel work towards one common goal, the success of ICPL.


We Are An Important Part of the Environment

Preserving the environment is paramount to us at ICPL. At ICPL, we encourage our employees to act as role models in preserving the environment and as ambassadors in promoting care for the environment in their own communities.


We Sustain Our Communities

At ICPL, we recognize that our organization has an intrinsic link to the communities we work in, and that by bettering these communities our company is strengthened. Our social commitment is translated through our employees’ involvement in CSR activities whereby ICPL seeks to give back to the community by supporting initiatives in different sectors such as health, education, and others.

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